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A partnership that 
 empowers  CPG brands in retail.

Unprecedented insights. Informed decisions. Better outcomes.

Promomash + Crisp have partnered to bring daily sales data for every major retailer into Promomash. What does this mean? Something unheard of in CPG: a single place to plan, then analyze and improve promotions based on actual results. In real-time. Now you can continually improve the effectiveness of your trade spend without the manual work, analysis and cost involved.


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Promomash + Crisp,

you can finally answer questions like...


 Is my trade spend  really  effective?


How much does sales lift on BOGOs  really  cost?


 Are my promotions  even  profitable?


 How much is growth and lift  really  costing?

No more chasing data. No need to patch together multiple reports.

No. Extra. Effort.


P O W E R F U L,  D E C I S I O N - D R I V I N G  D A S H B O A R D S

Get actual sales lift - without lifting a finger.

Performance History


Customer P&L


Territorial Analysis


Our clients are the proof...

Honey Pot
“Having a platform that’s as agile as Promomash, with Crisp data included, is making it easier for our teams to discern real trends and insights over time versus making a lot of assumptions and never knowing if they were true or not. I’m excited for what’s ahead with Promomash + Crisp and what we will learn from our business.”


CHELSEA DE LOUGHY, Director of Sales

The Honey Pot Co.


“Here at Brad’s, it’s important to not only measure the success of our promotions, but to learn from them in order to inform our promotional planning going forward. This is where Promomash and Crisp are even more powerful together. I’ve attempted to build many individual customer dashboards to try to achieve this – but to have all the data in one place, waiting for me is a game-changer to better, faster decision-making.”

NICK PRASTOS, Director of Sales & Operations

Brad's Plant Based

Soom Foods4

In 2023, we are focusing on velocity, product development and key distribution expansion. Whether it's for retail expansion or fundraising, brands need to be able to tell their story passionately, succinctly and armed with data. Thanks to Promomash and Crisp, we now have a better understanding of our trade spend and velocity.”

DANIEL ARONHIME, Chief Growth Officer

Soom Foods

See what better together  really looks like  .

Seeing Promomash + Crisp real-time data work together in the context of all your promotional activities is a real game-changer that can lead to exponential profit growth.
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