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We've partnered with Crisp to solve a big problem that kills CPG brands: out-of-control trade spend.

Most emerging CPG brands 😔 die in retail. Why?
Because they never overcome the challenge of putting trade spend to work FOR them, not against them. The secret lies in controlling the abundance of trade promotion data scattered everywhere, across different systems and spreadsheets. That's what Promomash + Crisp have come together to solve once and for all.

With Promomash + Crisp you can answer questions like...

💸 Is my trade spend really effective?

💸 How much does sales lift on BOGOs really cost?

💸 Are my promotions even profitable?

💸 How much is growth and lift really costing?

Seeing Promomash + Crisp real-time data work together in the context of all your promotional activities is a real game-changer that can lead to exponential profit growth. And the cost savings you'll see from bundling Promomash + Crisp together is just the cherry on top.

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