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Agency Phoodie Marketing
Leverages Promomash to Scale Nationally

Phoodie Marketing partnered with Promomash to streamline the logistical challenges that came with managing a growing field team – and elevated its level of service to clients in the process.

Within two years of partnering with Promomash

Scaled Brand Ambassador Work Force
Company Size Grew
Grew Client Monthly Average

About Phoodie

Founded by Sam Miller in 2014, Phoodie Marketing is a full-service national experiential marketing agency focused on the natural food and beverage industry. The core of Phoodie’s service is in building powerful connections with shoppers and converting them into customers for their brands through one-on-one engagements and trials. Having completed thousands of field marketing campaigns over the past 5 years, Phoodie has grown from a small team to a full-scale operation that serves brands across the nation.

The Problem

As many noble founders do, Sam began running Phoodie all on his own while managing an initial Brand Ambassador team of 17. As the team grew, he resorted to using Google spreadsheets, Excel sheets and Wufoo to manage their programs.
However, with further growth this system proved unsustainable. Gaps in reporting and missing information couldn’t be explained, leading to confusion and miscommunication between employees and clients.
In 2017, Sam continued working to expand his agency reach across the nation by merging with field sales and merchandising company BASEMAKERS. It was at that point that he knew Phoodie was going to need a system that would empower them to scale.

The Solution

Upon hearing positive feedback and recommendations from multiple brand clients, Sam decided to explore Promomash as a solution for Phoodie’s growing pains. Since then, Phoodie and Promomash have partnered closely to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve results across all domains.
Promomash was able to:
Systemize data the Phoodie team was gathering Bring more organization to the logistics of event scheduling Give Brand Ambassadors a place to centralize their work efforts Provide Phoodie’s clients more visibility into their own results
Some notable features of Promomash that Phoodie began leveraging to enable growth included Payroll, Data Sharing and Analytics. With Payroll, Phoodie was able to pay Brand Ambassadors on time and in an organized, efficient manner. “Payroll is such a powerful feature and is so useful. It’s hard to imagine it could be any easier – no other platform has this option,” said Sam.
”Every feature in Promomash has automatically upgraded our level of professionalism with clients – the value is immeasurable.”
With Data Sharing, Phoodie was able to share event activity data and results from the Promomash suite of Analytics reports directly with their brand clients immediately after each event.
Clients were able to access their own results via a portal on-demand instead of waiting for reports to be compiled, which could take weeks after each event.
Phoodie keeps their reporting timelines to clients in check by using the system to track demo reports, see what has and hasn’t been completed, and use that data to continually improve their service.

The Results

Utilizing the suite of demo management tools in Promomash has helped Phoodie grow and increase their client base by becoming more efficient and benefiting from significant time savings. In 2 years with Promomash, Phoodie has…
  • Scaled their Brand Ambassador workforce by 840%
  • Tripled in company size
  • Doubled their monthly client average
In addition, Promomash has helped Phoodie save on average over 30 hours per month. “We save at least 4 hours a week in running Payroll alone,” Sam said. “Data sharing and analytics? That’s another 15 hours a month saved, at least.” Last but not least, thanks to the Data Sharing and Analytics features in Promomash, Phoodie was also able to give their clients direct access to better, quicker event reporting, thereby improving the level of service they provide. “Every feature in Promomash has automatically upgraded our level of professionalism with clients – the value is immeasurable,” said Sam.