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Insider Secrets to Successful Fundraising

For CPG Founders & Executives

Michael Movitz, Founder & Managing Partner at The Movitz Group

Raising capital in today’s current environment may seem impossible, but it’s not. Like all successful endeavors, raising capital successfully starts with good preparation. The Covid-19 pandemic is shifting market forces, creating new opportunities and exposing or increasing risks that investors are now more keenly attuned to. Properly preparing for the capital raise process, especially during the current times, increases the likelihood of raising capital, and especially the right capital with the right partners.

In this on-demand webinar, Michael Movitz, Founder & Managing Partner at The Movitz Group, joins us for a thorough review of best practices for capital raise preparation and strategy. Learn the 15 key preparation factors for raising capital, and 17 typical criteria investors look at when considering investment in a CPG business.

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CPG founders won't want to miss what we will cover, including:

  • Insights on how the current pandemic has affected investor outlook
  • Fifteen key preparation factors for raising capital
  • Seventeen typical criteria investors look use when considering an investment in a CPG business


Michael Movitz
Founder & Managing Partner
The Movitz Group
A 30-year veteran of the conscious and premium products industry, Michael is currently Managing Partner of The Movitz Group, an advisory group of industry experts whose mission is to help early stage brands raise capital and build go-to-market strategies. Michael is also one of the founding partners of Brandjectory, a one-of-a-kind relationship-building platform for early-stage CPG founders and investors to connect, share information, and build momentum - before, during and after a capital raise.
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Chris Ambarian
Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer
Chris studied engineering at UCLA, but quickly moved into a career in marketing, sales, and strategy, where he has over 35 years of experience. Most of that time has been at the VP- or C-level for manufacturing companies in excess of $500M in turnover, but he has also run go-to-market for several startups. In 2012 he co-founded Promomash along with Yuval Selik to help CPG entrepreneurs gain a competitive advantage in retail and promote better.