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Revive Kombucha Doubles Down on Demos, Sees Sales Bubble Up Using Promomash

In 2018, Revive Kombucha set out to execute an aggressive demo strategy. There was one problem. The ad-hoc tools and systems they were using limited their productivity and ability to scale. With Promomash, that all changed. We sat down with Dave Green, National Field Marketing Manager with Revive Kombucha to hear his side of the story on partnering with Promomash.

In one year of partnering with Promomash:

increase in sampling conversation
per week time savings
increase on daily product velocity
The Company
Revive Kombucha was born in Sonoma County, California when Sean Lovett was trying to break his serious soda habit. His wife, Rebekah, offered a kombucha as an alternative to try. After trying several kombuchas and failing to find one that he liked, he and Rebekah set out to brew a kombucha that was just as delicious as it was healthy. Since then, Rebekah and Sean have grown their passion for a healthy and tasty drink into a nationwide kombucha enjoyed by millions.
The Problem
We sat down with Dave Green, National Field Marketing Manager with Revive Kombucha to hear his side of the story on partnering with Promomash. “We didn’t really have a ton of demos going on. Then come last year (2018) we decided to come on as aggressive as we could with demos,” said Dave. Demos were not Dave’s favorite activity because he was managing Revive’s in-store demo program all manually, tracking a full program through a spreadsheet and forms in Google Drive.
“In the early stages, we tried to track it ourselves on spreadsheets and very non-user-friendly platforms,” Dave recalled. “I knew there had to be an easier way.”
Ramping up and scaling an in-store demo program as ambitious as Revive Kombucha’s was going to require a different toolset. Recruiting brand ambassadors, accounting and event tracking in a simple spreadsheet was no longer scalable given the goals of their business. Ultimately, Revive needed an organizational platform not just for their own accountability and time savings. They also needed a platform powerful enough to help Dave and team see the bigger picture and analyze metrics that would be key to their success.
Enter Promomash
After meeting with the Promomash team and seeing the solution in action, the Revive team decided to give it a go. “It seemed like the perfect fit” and was “a no-brainer,” Dave recalled. With Promomash, Dave was now empowered by being able to automate arduous manual processes, with data and demo insights at his fingertips in an instance.
The reporting in Promomash enabled Dave to take real analytics to the company executives and show them what their efforts in the field produce, how their brand ambassadors were performing, and recaps of each specific demo and how it affected their sales.
“To see that executive scorecard at the end of each month is mind-blowing. Every single time.”
“The ability to seamlessly show your work with the reporting, whether it’s post event recaps, the analytics…it’s so incredible to have that invaluable information. I finally had a tool that could help me show all my sleepless nights were worth it.” But it wasn’t just the analytics themselves. The quality of the insights Revive was generating was also improved with some help from the Promomash Client Success Team during the onboarding process.
“They really helped us formulate the questions we’re asking in our recap forms to get more productive, more actionable data,” Dave recalled. “When we were in the early stages we were like, hmm how many people were 30 years old? [Then we realized] that’s not going to get us anywhere.”
While Revive Kombucha was scaling their business, Promomash was also able to provide qualified leads of brand ambassadors to put well trained employees in the field to represent Revive at in-store demos. “Training our brand ambassadors on the product is really easy,” Dave said. “It’s super user friendly.”
The Results
Within a year of partnering with Promomash, Revive Kombucha has seen a conservative time savings of 30 hours per week with the relief of scheduling, finding qualified brand ambassadors, reporting and demo analytics, just to name a few.
With the guidance from the Promomash Client Success Team on in-store demo best practices, Revive’s overall in-store sampling conversation has grown 25%. In Wegmans stores alone, their sampling conversation rate increased 40% in one year. Revive Kombucha has also seen a 115% increase in their daily product velocity – which measures how quickly their products are selling daily.
With the in-depth analytics and tracking within Promomash, Revive has been able to hone in on their absolute best brand ambassadors and has pinpointed their top brand ambassador with an 85% in-store demo conversation. With insights like these, Revive now strategically takes their best performing BAs and places them in key stores where they are aiming to grow sales.
“In our peak season of in-store demos, a yearly Promomash partnership pays for itself within one month, said Dave. “We’re able to execute at such a high level now. It’s not just a demo tool – the versatility is absolutely paramount.”
“Promomash has alleviated a lot of concerns with our demo program and helped to scale our opportunities and brand awareness exponentially.”