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Driving Trial in Trying Times: Taking Demos Beyond the Table

Julie Seal-Gaustad, CEO & Founder at Mirus Promotions

Being an emerging CPG brand in today’s environment is tough – especially if you’ve relied heavily on sampling and in-store demos to drive growth through trial. Social influencer marketing might help expand your reach, but it can get expensive and miss the mark when it comes to actual results. What if you could have the best of both worlds - leveraging your most passionate fans (Brand Ambassadors) to drive awareness and trial in online and social channels?

In this webinar, we share guidance and best practices around how to continue to drive trial, even with the restrictions faced today. We also showcase real-life examples of emerging brands that have successfully pivoted their in-store demo programs for continued growth through the pandemic.


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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key components of a growth-driven, trial-focused online influencer program
  • How to find the best Brand Ambassadors for online influencer marketing
  • Ways to effectively structure, execute and measure online influencer marketing
  • Examples of emerging brands that have adapted online channels to drive trial



Julie Seal-Gaustad

CEO & Founder, Mirus Promotions

Julie Seal-Gaustad founded Mirus Promotions, an award-winning nationwide boutique marketing agency, in 2009 after a successful career working as a Brand Ambassador herself. Mirus Promotions provides a large network of Brand Ambassadors for on- and offline marketing campaigns with individualized, one-on-one support to brand clients and consistent results through all types of programs.




Yuval Selik
Co-founder & CEO, Promomash
Yuval is a CPG entrepreneur who co-founded Promomash in 2012 after facing a variety of retail execution challenges with his organic skincare brand, L’uvalla. Having walked a mile in his clients’ shoes, Yuval’s mission is to help emerging brands thrive on retail shelves with technology and services that will enable them to gain and keep a competitive advantage in the market.