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cover-05-1 Michael Hauge
Hollywood story consultant, lecturer and best-selling author


cover-17 Cameron Smith
President and Co-Founder, Kodiak Cakes


The secret to attracting a tribe of raving fans for your brand lies in a Hollywood-worthy story. Here's your FREE chance to see a Hollywood story master in action helping a real brand tell their best story.


Having a compelling and extraordinary BRAND STORY that connects emotionally and moves people to action is what makes great brands. But how do you build or validate such a story? Where do you even start?

There is no place better known in the world for emotionally powerful, blockbuster stories than Hollywood. And in this on-demand Masterclass replay, we’re giving you a RARE, FREE behind-the-scenes look at how to apply Hollywood secrets to build your own brand’s story.

Hollywood story expert and business consultant Michael Hauge reveals his simple secrets to creating and delivering a story that will transform your brand - and your impact.  Michael then guides a real CPG founder - Cameron Smith, President and Co-Founder of Kodiak Cakes - through the process of finding and crafting his own powerful origin story.

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About Michael Hauge



Michael Hauge has been one of Hollywood’s top script consultants and story experts for more than 40 years. His books and presentations have reached more than half a million followers worldwide. With his Hollywood StorySelling system, he coaches entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and business leaders who want to change the world - helping them find their perfect stories, magnify their brand, impact more people and multiply their revenue.


About Cameron Smith



After graduating with a business degree from the University of Utah, Cameron was eager to use his education and entrepreneurial nature when he partnered with Joel Clark in 2009. As President and Co-Founder at Kodiak Cakes, Cameron has proven himself to be a disruptor in the food industry by challenging the status quo and driving the company towards innovative, new categories. Cameron enjoys trail running, mountain biking on Park City’s many trails and enjoying the outdoors with his wife and four kids.