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The Make-or-Break Factor for Growing a Natural Brand in Retail

Many emerging natural brands, once on store shelves, spend a lot of money to stay there. Trade promotion spend is likely the largest controllable expense for a brand but it can quickly and easily get out of control without a plan of attack to optimize and manage it. Watch this on-demand webinar as our experts unpack the single most influential factor on a brand's success at the shelf and how to get a handle on it.  

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After this webinar you'll walk away with ideas on how to...

  • Monitor your program's effectiveness by collecting and organizing the right data at the right time
  • Gain better control of retail promotion activity and offers made through reps in the field
  • Multiply the potential of each dollar spent with promotion best practices


Kurt Kaiser
Sales VP

Kurt is a CPG brand sales and trade marketing practitioner whose 20+ year career at Kimberly-Clark, Nielsen, and AFS Technologies has made him an expert in brand strategy, account planning, trade management, forecasting, promotion analysis, and business process improvement. At Promomash, he helps emerging brands prosper in retail with transformative tools and processes.
Yuval Selik


Yuval is a CPG entrepreneur who co-founded Promomash in 2012 after facing a variety of retail execution challenges with his organic skincare brand, L’uvalla. Having walked a mile in his clients’ shoes, Yuval’s mission is to help emerging brands thrive on retail shelves with technology and services that will enable them to gain and keep a competitive advantage in the market.