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300% More ROI, 3% More Market Share & $27M More in the Bank:

How to Get it Done with Revenue Management

Avy Punwasee, Partner, Revenue Management Labs


What if the path to affecting the type of results referenced in this webinar title was right in front of you the entire time? As an emerging brand, how do you choose between growth and margin when making pricing decisions? How do you evaluate what level of trade activity you can support without negatively impacting performance? These are just a couple of examples where having a solid Revenue Management approach makes all the difference.

If these are the types decisions you face each day, join us for this live webinar, where we will share what Revenue Management is, what it encompasses and how it can be leveraged to achieve sustainable goals for a healthier bottom line.


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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What Revenue Management is and why it is important for emerging brands
  • How Revenue Management can help uncover red flags & gaps in how you manage your business
  • Revenue Management best practices to help you drive results




Avy Punwasee
Partner, Revenue Management Labs
Avy Punwasee has over 15 years of senior revenue management experience spanning pricing, strategy, and analytics. He has served as an in-house practitioner at large companies such as Anheuser Busch InBev and Ford Motor Company, and is now consulting for leading CPG companies on a global scale. Avy holds an MBA and BBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University.




Chris Ambarian
Co-founder & CRO, Promomash
Chris studied engineering at UCLA and quickly shifted into a career in marketing, sales, and strategy. Most of his 35+ year career has been at the VP or C-level in manufacturing companies with $500M+ in turnover, and running go-to-market for several startups. Chris co-founded Promomash with Yuval to help CPG entrepreneurs win in retail and promote better.