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From Upstart to Buzzy Brand:
How Bomani Dominated with Demos

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 F E A T U R E D  G U E S T 

Amin headshotAmin Anjedani
Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer
BOMANI Cold Buzz

BOMANI Cold Buzz is a success story like no other. Launched in March 2020, right as the pandemic was starting to get its grip on the world, the founders were faced with the stark reality that in-store demos would not be an option to drive trial. At least, not the way most people think about driving trial.

Ultimately, the team at BOMANI turned everything we think we know about demos on its head to not just survive through their critical launch period, but thrive by methodically and strategically scaling their demo program.

In this previously recorded fireside chat, Yuval Selik, Promomash Co-Founder and CEO, sits down with Amin Anjedani, BOMANI Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer to dive into the details of their story.


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