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How to Improve Your C.P.G. in 2024

(Cash Flow, Profitability & Growth)


The CPG industry has become significantly more challenging for many younger, ambitious CPG brands in the last year. Capital is not as accessible as it once was. So how can brands achieve their goals in an industry so dependent on cash to survive and thrive?

At Promomash, we’ve redefined the C.P.G. acronym to keep the focus on what’s most important in this economy: Cash Flow, Profitability and Growth. Of course, this sounds much easier than it actually is when brands are faced with data obstacles, escalating retailer demands, and so many other complexities daily. To succeed in CPG in 2024, brand founders and executives need expert help in key areas affecting cash flow, profitability and growth.

Every day, this is exactly how we help many brands - and we've learned a few secrets and tricks of the trade along the way. In this live, one-hour webinar our founders Yuval Selik and Chris Ambarian share what those areas of opportunity are and how they can be game-changing for your business.

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Yuval Selik, CEO & Co-Founder, Promomash  
Chris Ambarian, CRO & Co-Founder, Promomash


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