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Yuval Yuval Selik
CEO & Founder of Promomash


Chris Chris Ambarian
COO & Founder of Promomash

Getting product on the shelves is fantastic...but it's just the beginning.

It’s what comes next that will determine whether you end up succeeding in retail. The vast majority of startups – over 80% – end up failing. In this on-demand webinar hosted by Foodbevy, Yuval & Chris will be sharing the information all failed CPGs wish they had.

Take control of what comes next: Trade Promotion.

It’s probably the biggest line item on your P&L. And if you don’t take control of it, the retail distribution channel will use it to literally drain your company dry. This is why Promomash exists – to help CPG entrepreneurs survive and thrive in retail by handling trade promotion more profitably and more effectively.


Topics will include 👇 

      📈 Levers that can be pulled to manage Trade Promotion performance
      🎯 Choosing the right objectives (growth, profit, velocity)
      ⛔ Obstacles in trade promotion to watch for (especially DEDUCTIONS)
      😎 How doing trade promotion right can benefit your whole company


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About Yuval Selik



Yuval is CEO of Promomash, host of The 7 Hats Podcast and a former CPG entrepreneur. He founded Promomash after learning first-hand how challenging it can be for founders and executives to successfully launch a brand on store shelves - and keep it selling off the shelf profitably. Yuval’s mission is to help emerging CPG brands, founders and executives succeed along the growth journey.


About Chris Ambarian



Chris is COO and co-founder of Promomash. Having studied engineering at UCLA, he pivoted into a successful 35+ year career in marketing, sales, and strategy. Chris has held VP and C-level roles for companies in excess of $500M+ as well as several startups. In 2012 he joined forces with Yuval to help CPG entrepreneurs gain a competitive advantage in retail and promote better.